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Early College Access - Howard Community College

Student Profile: Zach McHugh

Centennial High School graduate Zach McHugh wanted to make sure that his transition from high school to college was as seamless as possible. So when his mother, a Howard Community College employee, encouraged him to take classes at the college during his senior year, Zach agreed, knowing it would help prepare him for life as a college student. He ended up taking several classes at HCC, and even participated in a study abroad trip to Ireland as part of a Celtic history class.

Zach appreciated the flexible schedule and close proximity of HCC to his high school, allowing him to take college classes in the morning before heading back to Centennial for the afternoon.

“HCC gave me a taste of how college classes function and what my professors would expect of me,” Zach says. “It was a huge boost to my confidence. Those credits were a safety cushion for me so that I could have a lighter course load throughout my first couple semesters.”

Zach is now enjoying his freshman year at the University of Maryland, where he majors in mechanical engineering.  

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