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Early College Access - Harford Community College

Student Profile: Ravenna Motil-McGuire

When Ravenna Motil-McGuire, who attended Harford Community College, was asked if she would recommend dual enrollment to other high school students, she said, “Absolutely, and I often do.  I had the freedom to take more interesting and challenging classes, was able to graduate my four-year institution in a year less time with a stronger focus, and was afforded amazing opportunities to do really neat things with great people. It was a perfect way to transition from high school to a four-year institution, and I'm extremely happy with the choice I made.”

She added, “When I did transfer, almost all of my credits from Harford Community College transferred with me and I was able to graduate a full year earlier, saving several thousand dollars and almost an entire year of prerequisite courses.”

Ravenna stated that she also had access to some tremendous trips and experiences, such as traveling to West Virginia with the Outdoor Adventure Club and lobbying the Governor in Annapolis.  “Spending my senior year of high school at HCC was one of the best choices I’ve made for my future.” 

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