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Early College Access - Garrett College

Student Profile: Kalie Ashby

With the goal of earning an accounting degree, Kalie Ashby hit the ground running. While still in high school, she started college.

Kalie graduated in 2006 from Southern High School in Oakland, Maryland. She entered Garrett College (GC) that fall with 30 college credits and graduated in the spring. By 2009 she had a bachelor’s degree from Frostburg State University (FSU) where, in 2010, she was awarded her MBA.

With a light schedule her senior year, Kalie had opted to start college while she was still in high school. This she was able to do this through the dual enrollment agreement between GC and the Garrett County Board of Education.“I thought it was wasteful of my time if I didn’t do this. The only course I needed for graduation was for English 4 and ENG101 at Garrett College counted for that.” she said

The program, through which high school students earn college credits that satisfy high school graduation requirements, is offered in distance learning labs linking county high schools to the college or on the centrally located McHenry campus. “I took college English and math through the Distance Learning Lab then went to the campus for afternoon classes,” she explained.

Garrett College offered her a position shortly after she completed her MBA. She serves as Institutional Research Analyst.

“Dual enrollment offers a great opportunity… especially now that the Garrett County Scholarship Program covers the tuition. It’s really foolish for students not to take advantage of that!” Kalie concluded.

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