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Early College Access - Frederick Community College

Student Profile: Marcus Firmani

Marcus Firmani completed 63 credit hours at Frederick Community College before graduating from high school in spring 2012 as a home-schooled student. He came to FCC to broaden his high school curriculum and strengthen his preparation for college. He has always planned to attend a residential college as a freshman and will enter Haverford College this fall.

Marcus attended FCC as an Open Campus student with a very intentional purpose: “to take a variety of college-level courses during high school, many of which would have been impossible to complete at home or even at a public or private school.”

He began taking Open Campus classes in his freshman year of high school with just one course per semester and worked up to managing three or four per semester by his senior year.  “I wanted to get the best lab science experience possible and to start gaining experience managing college-level courses,” he said.

“I started taking math courses at FCC in my sophomore year.  Neither of my parents specializes in mathematics, so I benefitted from taking upper level math courses I couldn't have had at home or in a public or private school. Thanks to my time at FCC, I will likely be able to place into higher-level courses at college, particularly in math.”

Frederick Community CollegeMarcus completed two semesters of biology, two semesters of chemistry and seven math classes – from pre-calculus through calculus III, differential equations, linear algebra, and elementary statistics. He also took honors physics, American government, English 101, Spanish 101, 102 and 201, and honors speech fundamentals. “A lot of my courses were at FCC, but not all. I completed the rest of my high school curriculum at home, but I even got to take some extra courses at FCC for general interest,” he said.

Labeling his experience at FCC as “overwhelmingly positive,” Marcus said he appreciated the professors’ focus on students and their genuine interest in students’ plans beyond their course, plans for transferring to other colleges and goals beyond graduation. In addition to his course work, Marcus participated in several clubs and activities on campus. He especially enjoyed the support of the Math Club and interacting with other students in the Math Lounge.

“The best part of my FCC experience has been the community. For a college that sees many students leave within two years, FCC manages to remain surprisingly cohesive.  It exceeded my expectations as a great place for me to take advanced courses I couldn't get elsewhere and to adjust to the rigors, schedule, and pace of college-level courses.”

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