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Early College Access - Cecil College

Student Profile: Katie Miller

Cecil College Student Katie Miller“Taking classes at Cecil College while in high school gave me a great head start and I just wanted to follow through.”

~ Katie Miller, Homeschooled 2009, Cecil College, 2011 and Wilmington University 2013, on the advantage of taking college courses in high school

During her junior year of high school, Katie Miller decided to take a class at Cecil College. After she enjoyed the experience and excelled in it as well, she dived all the way in by taking seven classes during her senior year. A homeschooled student, Miller then continued her studies at Cecil and earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in the management option of the business and commerce technology major.

“I never thought I would attend college but my mom encouraged me to get an associate degree and Cecil College seemed like a perfect start,” said Miller who graduated with highest honors in 2011. “Cecil broadened my social life and helped discourage any academic fears that I may have had.”

Miller has transferred to Wilmington University, where she is nearing the completion of her bachelor’s degree. Not only has she kept up her high GPA, but her academic path will enable her to graduate without any debt.

Since she was homeschooled prior to enrolling at Cecil, Miller did not know what to expect from the college experience. She feels the supportive environment made the transition a smooth one, while her early enrollment also gave her a leg up on the general education requirements.

“I really enjoyed participating in the small classes and appreciated how much the instructors were willing to help the students,” said Miller.

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