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Early College Access - Carroll Community College

Student Profile: Britany Post

Carroll Community College student Britany Post“Taking classes at Carroll Community College while in high school opened my eyes to how college really works. The opportunities are endless!”

~ Britany Post, South Carroll High School 2011 graduate; Carroll Community College full-time student in 2012

Carroll Community College (Carroll) student Britany Post is grateful for the opportunity to take college classes while in high school. After graduating from high school, she enrolled at Carroll full-time. She credits her exposure to early college access as the reason she was selected to be a Hill Scholars honor student at Carroll.

Post said she is a successful honors student at the college today because she was introduced to college coursework at an early age. She said that early access helped her to meet people, learn about programs and services, and realize how much the faculty and staff care about students.

Her major at Carroll is Business Administration. She plans to graduate from Carroll in the spring of 2013 and transfer to a four-year institution.

Post is a graduate of South Carroll high school in Sykesville, Maryland. While in high school, she took English 101, Sociology 101 and Marketing 201 at Carroll over the course of a year. “These classes created a bridge into higher education and offered a terrific advantage for my future success as a college student,” said Post.

“The atmosphere at Carroll was very welcoming to students from high school,” said Post. “I enjoyed the independence I was encouraged to practice as a high school student. Now I am so excited to be a full-time student at Carroll.”

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