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Student Profile: Courtney Sanders

CSM student Courtney Sanders“CSM set me on the right course. High school was nothing compared to this. Coming to CSM as a high school student has made me believe I can make reach my goals.”

~ Courtney Sanders, College of Southern Maryland 2011 Alumna, St. Mary’s College of Maryland Transfer Student

Learning is the gateway to the world for Courtney Sanders. While she was always interested in organisms and their anatomy, Courtney’s classes and professors at CSM helped her “realize exactly what I enjoy and want to do.” Now Courtney is working towards becoming a plastic surgeon for an organization like “Smile Train,” which repairs facial deformities in poor and less privileged countries. “Plastic surgery is often seen as less important than other surgical specialties but it can absolutely change someone’s entire life!” Courtney knows the power of change; she has seen it every day at CSM. “I love learning. It opens up an entirely new world every time you learn something new. Your outlook on yourself, others, and life is constantly revised as you learn new information. It is amazing that there are always new facets of life emerging,” said Courtney. “I truly believe learning leads to the greater good of the world and I hope someday I will be able to tour the world and help solve people’s problems.”

Courtney graduated from the College of Southern Maryland in the spring of 2011 and transferred to St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

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