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Student Profile: Conner D. Lines

Anne Arundel Early College Student Connor LinesConner D. Lines has some advice for anyone trying to graduate from high school and a community college – plan ahead, stay organized and talk throughout the process with counselors and instructors at both schools. “It was not always easy, but I’m glad I did it,” he said.

Lines, 18, graduated summa cum laude in May from Anne Arundel Community College with an Associate of Science Computer Science Transfer degree. A few days later, he graduated from Chesapeake High School. Thomas J. McGinn III, director of admissions and enrollment development at AACC, said graduating from both simultaneously is extremely rare – he can remember only one other such case.

Conner combined Advanced Placement classes, enrolled in AACC’s Dual Credit program that awards credit at both the high school and the college for a college course and in the college’s Jump Start program that allows students who are at least 16 years old to take college courses while still in high school for a reduced price.

In addition to cost savings, Conner said the associate degree shows transfer school, internship sponsors, scholarship grantors and potential employers that you are committed to academics and persistent in following through. Going to college as a high school student also gave him more preparation for going away to a four-year school.

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